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Madix Maxi Line - Cart Bumper, Y-Gondola, Feature Aisle Display
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  • Maxi Line is Madix's most popular and versatile product line. Thousands of shelves, merchandising accessories, and back panel options make this line universally appealing to all market segments. Most retailers utilize this line for aisle and perimeter wall fixtures. The Maxi Line products are available in multiple sizes and finish options. Easy to assemble, Maxi Line has snap-together parts and built-in levelers. Maxi Line's standard shelves include integral tag moldings, round perforations for accessories, and slim, multi-position brackets.

Featured Maxi Line Products

 @Front Shelf

Create the look of a perfectly stocked shelf instantly with @Front, Madix’s new gravity-... View Now »


Basix delivers the ability to expand capacity for larger merchandise or more inventory wit... View Now »

 Cart Bumper System

Shopping carts can cause damage to products and fixtures, leading to costly repairs and re... View Now »

 Concave Radius Shelving

Madix is a pioneer at utilizing curves in display shelving. It was the first to manufactur... View Now »

 Folding Shelf Carriage

It's a well-known fact that shelving schemes change frequently in retail. Madix's Folding ... View Now »

 Liquor Security Cabinet Gondola Lock-Up System

The Madix Liquor Security Cabinet Lock-Up System is beautiful and functional. Manufactured... View Now »

 Maxi Line Rolling Frame

Madix’s Maxi Line Rolling Frame is a space efficient way to display and stock items. It ... View Now »

 Maxi Slice

Maxi Slice's upright system provides interesting merchandising opportunities by brea... View Now »

 Pull Out Shelves

Madix's Pull Out Shelves are the ultimate solution to improving the stock rotation pr... View Now »

 Shoe-Display Solutions

We understand the importance of being unique. That’s why our shoe-display products ar... View Now »

 Sliding Peg Panels

Pegged as one of 2010's most innovative products, Madix's Sliding Peg Panels are... View Now »

 Thin Profile Shelves

Madix's Thin-Profile Shelves help maximize crucial space allowing retailers to optimi... View Now »

 Three Sided Rotating Display

Madix's Three-Sided Rotating Display is an efficient, space-utilizing Maxi Line ac... View Now »


When space is minimal, but attracting product attention is important, Madix's Y-Gondo... View Now »

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