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Internet or Mail-Order

Madix Provides Solutions to Internet or Mail-order Challenges

Madix understands the needs of Internet and mail-order retailers and suppliers. A leading innovator in the store fixture industry, Madix has a history of successfully helping Internet and mail-order retailers solve their backroom challenges.

  • Challenge:

    Organize Storage Areas

    Organize Storage AreasInternet and mail order companies must stay organized to quickly fulfill their orders. For optimal storage, utilize heavy-duty racking to efficiently warehouse and store products, bulk items, and shipping material.

    Madix's Solutions

    Madix's Heavy-Duty Systems, including Omega, Wide Span, and Pallet Rack, make it easy to fulfill Internet orders and mail order requests. An efficient storage area also helps keep up with hand-stacked inventory.

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    • When we look at the changes in your company over the past three years, we are impressed. This, coupled with the fact that Madix is growing in a tough market when everyone else is shrinking, is amazing.

      - Top-3 Pharmaceuticals Retailer

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Additional Challenges:

  • Challenge:

    Speed Up Product Fulfillment

    Speed Up Product FulfillmentFast order fulfillment is the driving force for Internet and mail order retailers and suppliers.

    Madix's Solutions

    Increase productivity by utilizing Madix's Omega Merchandising System that offers a range of shelving and merchandising options. Omega is an optimal choice for bulk merchandising and small product storage. Madix provides an entire line of heavy-duty products that will help maximize backroom organization for faster product picking.

  • Challenge:

    Improve Space Utilization

    Improve Space UtilizationTimes are changing and the warehouse footprint is shrinking. Storage areas are downsizing and square footage has become precious space.

  • Storage Shelving

    Fabulous Functionality Madix Storage Shelving

    Many storage problems are solved by use of sturdy, economical Madix Storage Shelving.

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  • Store Products

    Multi-function storage Madix Store Product Line

    Hardy enough for the back room, attractive enough for the aisles, dependable enough for both.

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