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The Best Tips for the Most Impressions (and Sales)

  • Improve Endcap Sales
  • The Modish Endcap
  • The Endteraining Endcap
  • The Mass Endcap
  • The Specialty Endcap
  • The Wire Endcap
  • The Split Endcap
  • The Triangular Endcap
  • The Premiere Endcap
  • The Dynamic Endcap
  • The Everything Endcap
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    Improve Endcap Sales

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    The easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to build incremental sales is via impulse merchandise on end caps. Madix end caps are multipurpose, flexible, and visually appealing to help you push SKUs more efficiently. Options include bulk merchandisers, illuminated panels and shelves, three-way configurations, wire grid, and more.

    This guide outlines several best practices for maximizing retail endcap displays.

    • See how different endcaps can increase exposure and sales within a store.
    • The best endcap doesn’t have to be the most complex. Learn what makes an endcap effective compared to basic endcap configurations.
    • Utilize wire grids, lighting, and split-back designs to create interesting endcaps to lift sales.
  • Pop Quiz

    The best endcap has

    • “You have a greater chance of making a sale if you let your customers touch or hold your product.”

      – Roger Dooley, Brainfluence:
      100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

Example End Caps

  • The Dynamic Endcap

    The Dynamic Endcap

    Lighting and graphics work together to create an endcap that is truly en vogue.

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  • The Split Endcap

    The Split Endcap

    Get more freedom and flexibility out of a split-back endcap!

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  • The Entertaining Endcap

    The Entertaining Endcap

    Here’s a configuration guaranteed to level up impulse-merchandise sales!

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