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  • Welcome to the (LED) Family

    Madix realizes the importance of incorporating energy-efficient lighting into fixtures. Good lighting has a positive impact on shopping behavior. Madix has several state-of-the art lighting products that are eco-friendly since they contain no heavy metals and reduce power consumption. These lights emit virtually no heat or UV rays, consume approximately 50 percent less energy than conventional sources, and have an incredibly long life, usually 70,000 hours or more.

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  • Madix Lighting Solutions

  • LEDge Light Gen 4


    LEDge Light is available in 3’ and 4’ lengths and are easily daisy-chained using jumper cables or harness assembly. Power up to 18 LEDge Light units on a single power supply.

  • LEDge Lights installed on Madix's VESTA® unit.

  • LEDge Lights shown with Madix's Lift and Drop signage system.

  • LEDge Light VERSA


    The new LEDge Light Versa system allows retailers to quickly and easily modify shelf spacing without the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting. Adjust shelves with LEDge Lights throughout the run without moving wires or electrical connections. System is used in lieu of harness or jumper application.

  • LEDge Light VERSA installed on a Madix fixture.

  • LEDge Light VERSA install example.

  • LEDge Light Box


    Constructed from light modules built by an LED industry leader, the LEDge Light Box illuminates your signage like no other. Each Light Box boasts over 400 lumens per square foot of signage while consuming less than 4 watts of power, providing stunning backlight for eye-catching graphics more efficiently than ever before.

  • LEDge Light Box on standard fixture.

  • LEDge Light Box shown in a fixture run (canopy and inline).

  • BEAM LED Canopy Light 4


    Beam Light is the ideal LED alternative to fluorescent canopy lighting. Beam Light uses environmentally friendly LEDs that produce light intensity similar to a T8 fluorescent fixture, while using only a fraction of the energy and lasting nearly three times as long without replacement or maintenance.

  • BEAM light installed on a wide span end cap.

  • BEAM LED light illuminating a sample display.