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Office, Crafts, Party or Educational Supplies

Office, Crafts, Party or Educational Supplies

Madix understands the needs of office, crafts, party, and educational supply stores. A leading innovator in the store fixture industry, Madix has a history of successfully helping retailers solve their merchandising challenges.

  • Challenge:

    Sales Floor Solutions

    Office, crafts, party and educational supply retailers need to merchandise a lot of SKUs in limited footprints.

    Madix's Solutions

    Madix offers flexible display systems with multiple options that allow you to manage and best sell these SKUs. Our Maxi Line system gives customers more than 48" (1219 mm) of extra facing space by adding 1 3⁄8" (35 mm) to each section. This means more products on display, and more selling opportunities per square foot. Do more in less space with Madix's fixtures.

  • Gallery

    • We really try to commoditize you guys. But Madix keeps giving our merchandisers whatever they think they need to sell more stuff—Change the angle by 2 degrees here, add a down-tilt there. Our guys think they've landed in a merchandising toy box.

      - Top-40 Office Supplies Retailer

Key Product Lines for Office, Crafts, Party or Educational Supplies

Additional Challenges:

  • Create an Identity

    Madix manufactures accessories to display small and large merchandise alike.

    Madix's Solutions

    Rotate, slide, and arrange merchandise to create interest and keep things organized. Our accessories will finish out your space and create a look unique to your brand. Utilize standard and custom finishes to complete the in-store experience that you desire.

  • Feature Aisle Display

    Freestanding Modern Fixture Madix Feature Aisle Display

    Perfect for main aisle or high-traffic areas. Lift sales through smart display.

    See it in Action View Display
  • Sliding Peg Panels

    Increase Peggable Space Sliding Peg Panels

    VMSD Editors' Choice Award - Best Product of 2010

    See it in Action Innovative Products
  • Y-Gondola

    Innovative Thinking Madix Y-Gondola

    Madix's Y-Gondola creates a perfect focal point for increased product sales.

    View Y-Gondola
  • Big Opportunities

    Utilize heavy-duty systems on the sales floor or in the back room areas to manage your merchandise.

    Madix's Solutions

    Madix's racking systems are durable enough to support your heaviest merchandise, but attractive enough to present merchandise to shoppers on the sales floor. Rolling racks make moving stock between the back rooms and sales floors easy and efficient. Having this versatility is essential when a retailer has limited space in back room facilities.