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    Introducing the LEDge Light Gen4 LED System

    Better energy efficiency. Attach more lights. Incredible warranty.

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  • Display Fixtures

    Display Fixtures

    Gondola, Wall Sections, Freestanding, Merchandisers, Attention-Grabbing Displays

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  • Storage Fixtures

    Storage Fixtures

    Pallet Rack, Wide Span, Pharmacy, Storage Shelving, Catwalk, Mobile Storage

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  • Lighting & Signage

    Lighting and Signage

    LED Under Shelf Lighting, LED Back Panels, Signage, Electrical, Custom Manufacturing

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  • Specialty

    Specialty Fixtures

    Luxe, Maxi Grid, Vesta, Queuing Systems, Fitting Rooms, Apparel Racks

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  • What's New

    Take a look at the newest innovations and ideas from Madix and the retail industry.

  • New Curves: A Fresh Angle for Brick and Mortar


    We humans are creatures of habit, subject to a sort of behavioral inertia that favors the routine. In some ways, this characteristic is beneficial for retailers, as it makes consumer shopping patterns...

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  • BOPIS featured in design:retail

    New BOPIS System

    Streamline your omnichannel initiatives with our comprehensive solutions for “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” (BOPIS). Madix can help you organize and secure BOPIS orders, manage your pickup queues...

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  • Elevate Your Customer Queuing

    Madix’s Luxe Queuing Solution helps retailers boost sales by reducing wait time in the checkout area, improving customer satisfaction and strengthening brand loyalty.

  • Luxe

    Madix's all-new Luxe displays help retailers create an upscale environment, while maintaining the simplicity of installation that customers have grown to love. Clean lines and versatile slotting allow retailers to upgrade their fixtures, but still utilize Maxi Line accessories.


    Luxe features a round, 2 or 4-slotted tube upright which allows extreme flexibility for customizing displays.

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