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Maxi Slice
  • Maxi Slice

    Break up a Common Gondola into Flexible Sections

    Maxi Slice's upright system provides interesting merchandising opportunities by breaking up a common gondola into flexible sections. Give merchandise more 'pop' and cross-sell products by adding shelves and accessories in smaller sections. Slice gives merchandise the opportunity to have shelves planogrammed to what is needed rather than being restricted to 3' and 4' (914 mm and 1219 mm) sections.

    • Our system is unique as it can be used on two sides of a gondola, or only on one side
    • Can be installed in existing Madix Maxi Line shelving
    • Backs are available in peg, hardboard, and BWGH wire backs
  • Video

    Maxi Slice featured at GlobalShop 2015.

    Madix Product Manager Steve Otten discusses the Maxi Slice system at GlobalShop 2014


  • Maxi Slice Configurations

    Maxi Slice Configurations

    Maxi Slice Parts List

    Maxi Slice Parts List
  • Components for Maxi Slice

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     Maxi Slice Top Spanner

    • Spanner Top, Maxi Multi Upright System
    • Order width based on gondola
    • Order 1 per section
    Part Number: MSSST(NW)
    • MSSST.....Maxi Slice System Spanner Top
    • NW......Nominal Width 3' or 4' (914 mm or 1219 mm)
    MSSST(NW)-Maxi Slice Top Spanner
    Rated at 5000 inch lbs with this Top Spanner

     Maxi Slice Upright

    • Upright, Maxi Multi Upright System
    • Order height based on gondola height
    • Order as required
    • Off-set Load per Section (load between basic uprights) Maximum Load: 5000 inch-pounds
    • Section load per Section (load between basic uprights) Maximum Load: 800 lbs
    Part Number: MSSU(NH)
    • MSSU..... Maxi Slice System Upright
    • NH......Nominal Height 48" to 96" in 6" increments (1219 mm to 2438 mm in 152 mm increments)
    MSSU(NH)-Maxi Slice Upright

     Maxi Slice Upright Tie Bar

    • Upright Tie Bar, Maxi Multi Upright System
    • Order 2 per section, NH 60" (1524 mm) and under
    • Order 3 per section, NH 66" (1676 mm) and 96"
    • Hardware Pack included
    Part Number: MSSUTB(NW)
    • MSSUTB..... Maxi Slice System Upright Tie Bar
    • NW......Nominal Width 3' or 4' (914 mm or 1219 mm)
    MSSUTB(NW)-Maxi Slice Upright Tie Bar
    Leave blank when Aluminum MBS is required

     Mirror Back Splicer

    • Splicer, Maxi Multi Upright System
    • Used when 2 back are needed or to splice the backs on the non-Maxi Slice side when upper and lower backs are needed
    • Standard Splicer Spanners cannot be used with Slice system
    Part Number: MBS-(NW)-PC
    • MBS.....Mirror Back Splicer
    • NW......Nominal Width 2', 30", 3', 42", 4', 5' (610 mm, 762 mm, 914 mm, 1067 mm, 1219 mm, 1524 mm)
    • PC......Powder Coat
    MBS-(NW)-PC-Mirror Back Splicer