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Madix's Back-to-Back Rolling Rx Unit - Creates 55% more shelf space by utilizing rolling panels on either side of the unit.
  • Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit

    Double-Sided Rolling Unit

    Madix recognizes and addresses how little space you have to dedicate to prescription fulfillment. The innovative Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit makes filling prescriptions easier and more productive for your pharmacists and staff. The Back-to-Back Rolling RX unit is a space-efficient, two-sided version of Madix's popular Rolling RX Unit. The Back-to-Back utilizes two rolling panels on either side of the fixture to help consolidate bays while improving restocking efficiency.

    • Space-efficient modular bay units
    • 45% less space required
    • Sliding panels utilize a spring cushion to stabilize bottles
    • Helps consolidate bays
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     Pharmacy Rolling Frame

    • Rolls smoothly and requires little effort
    Part Number: TRX3RF32(NH)
    • TRXRF.....Tube Line Pharmacy Rolling Frame
    • 32.....Nominal Width 32" (813 mm)
    • NH.....Nominal Height 78", 84", 90" or 96" (1981 mm, 2134 mm, 2286 mm or 1219 mm)
    TRX3RF32(NH)-Pharmacy Rolling Frame

     Pharmacy Rolling Frame Base Deck

    • Replaces Standard Base Shelf
    Part Number: TRXRBD08(NW)
    • TRXRBD.....Tube Line Pharmacy Rolling Base Deck
    • 08.....Nominal Depth 8" (203 mm)
    • NW.....Nominal Width 32" or 48" (813 mm or 1219 mm)
    TRXRBD08(NW)-Pharmacy Rolling Frame Base Deck

     Pharmacy Rolling Frame Cylinder Shelf

    • Provides a controlled stop that prevents product from being displaced
    Part Number: TRX3RCS32(OPT)
    • TRX3R.....Tube Line Pharmacy Rolling Frame
    • CS.....Cylinder Shelf
    • 32.....Nominal Width 32" (813 mm)
    • OPT.....Blank=No Cylinder C=Cylinder
    TRX3RCS32(OPT)-Pharmacy Rolling Frame Cylinder Shelf

     Pharmacy Rolling Frame Stop

    • Two required per side
    Part Number: TRXRFS
    • TRXRFS.....Tube Line Pharmacy Rolling Frame Stop
    TRXRFS-Pharmacy Rolling Frame Stop

     Pharmacy Rolling Frame Top Channel

    • Mounts in standard pharmacy uprights
    Part Number: TRXRTC08(NW)
    • TRXRT.....Tube Line Pharmacy Rolling Frame Top Channel
    • 08.....Nominal Depth 8" (203 mm)
    • NW.....Nominal Width 32" or 48" (813 mm or 1219 mm)
    TRXRTC08(NW)-Pharmacy Rolling Frame Top Channel