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Wide Span Tire Display

Wide Span Tire Display

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  • Wide Span Tire Display

    • Heavy gauge 1¾" square upright members with welded cross braces are slotted 2" OC for adjustability
    • Top beam fits flush to top of frame
    • Requires minimum of two levels, four beams, per section
    • Heavy gauge beam body with integral connectors fits snugly into upright slots and maintains deck alignment with base fixture slotting
    • One beam pair is required per level
    • Image shows two (B) Adjustable Tire Beams and six (C) deck supports per level
    • Regular-Duty Wide Span Frame, Adjustable Tire Beam, and Deck Support are used to complete this Tire Display
    • Beams have slots every 3" to adjust for different tire sizes Order depth for Deck Supports is +2" Example: Nominal depth of unit is 36, order RDWSDS38 Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray
    Wide Span Tire Display
    Part Description Part Number QTY
    A Regular-Duty Wide Span Frame RDWSF(ND)(NH) As Required
    B Adjustable Tire Beam Q10871-(NH)(NW)-1 As Required
    C Wide Span Deck Supports (TYPE)WSDS(ND) As Required
  • Wide Span Tire Display