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Wide Span Gravity Feed System

Wide Span Gravity Feed System

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  • Wide Span Gravity Feed System

    • Consists of Wide Span Frames, Gravity Feed Channels (below), Gravity Feed Beams, plus other components
    • May be stocked from back or front of unit
    • Two lower levels show Gravity Feed Channels installed with open face up, on 21/2" beams– this position keeps product aligned and is used for canned foods, bottled beverages, petroleum products and similar packaging (Optional transparent front retainers may be required in this application)
    • Two upper levels show Gravity Feed Channels installed with open face down, on 31/2" beams, creating a smooth slanted surface suitable for boxed or poly-wrapped products
    • Finished with Super Slip Paint– merchandise slides without assistance, eliminating costly roller systems or plastic trays which may require replacement or maintenance
    • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray
    Wide Span Gravity Feed System
    Part Description Part Number QTY
    A Wide Span Gravity Feed Channel WS(FD)GFC(RISE)(NW)(NH) As Required
    B Gravity Feed Beam HMGFB(NW)(TYPE) As Required
    C Magnetic Tag Mold HMBRTM-482 As Required
    D Gravity Feed Retainer (transparent) HMGFLR-48 As Required
  • Wide Span Gravity Feed System
  • Components for Wide Span Gravity Feed System

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     Wide Span Gravity Feed Beam

    • Standard beam body is inverted on brackets to allow the insertion of the Gravity Feed Channels
    • One beam pair required per merchandising level with two Wide Span Retainer Pins (WSREP) to secure each beam
    • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray
    Part Number: HMGFB-48(TYPE)
    • HMGFB.....Wide Span Gravity Feed Beam
    • 48..... 48" (1219 mm) Length Only
    • TYPE..... LD=Light-Duty (2 1/2" High) HD=Heavy-Duty (3 1/2" High)
    HMGFB-48(TYPE)-Wide Span Gravity Feed Beam

     Wide Span Gravity Feed Channel

    • Formed from heavy gauge steel for rigidity and finished in Super Slip Paint, eliminating need for expensive roller systems
    • Use 2½" high beam for merchandising bottles and cans, or inverted in the 3½" high beam to merchandise case goods
    • Weight capacity 60 lbs per channel
    • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray
    Part Number: WS(FD)GFC(RISE)-(NW)02
    • WS.....Wide Span
    • FD..... Frame Depth 24"-48" in 6" increments (610 mm - 1219 mm in 152 mm increments)
    • GFC..... Gravity Feed Channel
    • RISE..... 04=4", 06=6", 08=8" (102 mm, 152 mm, 203 mm)
    • NW.....Nominal Width 46=4 9/16", 65=6½", 76=7 5/8"
    • 02..... 2" (51 mm) Height Only
    • Finish Code - Super Slip Finishes PC081..... Black PC117..... Snow White
    WS(FD)GFC(RISE)-(NW)02-Wide Span Gravity Feed Channel
    46 width channels - order 10 per 4' section 65 width channels - order 7 per 4' section 76 width channels - order 6 per 4' section

     Wide Span Gravity Feed Retainer

    • Retainers provide product retention without obstructing merchandise labeling
    • Examples of general use are beverage bottles held by taller retainer and oil containers held by the shorter retainer
    Part Number: HMGFLR(TYPE)-48
    • HMGFLR..... Wide Span Gravity Feed Retainer
    • TYPE..... Blank=3 5/8"H x 5/8" thick HD=5½"H x ¼" thick
    • 48..... 48" Length only (1219 mm)
    HMGFLR(TYPE)-48-Wide Span Gravity Feed Retainer

     Wide Span Magnetic Tag Mold

    • Black plastic Magnetic Tag Mold is 2" high, accepts 1¾" tag inserts and is easily applied to, or removed from, the Gravity Feed Beam
    Part Number: HMBRTM-482
    • HMBRTM... Wide Span Magnetic Tag Mold
    • 48..... 48" (1219 mm) Length Only
    • 2..... 2" High (51 mm)
    HMBRTM-482-Wide Span Magnetic Tag Mold