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Wide Span Gravity Feed Battery Rack

Wide Span Gravity Feed Battery Rack

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  • Wide Span Gravity Feed Battery Rack

    • Deck is sturdy gauge wire, approximately 5/16" diameter, on 3" grid centers with integral steel support channels
    • Optional super slick or corrosion resistant coating
    • Decks install in special height Wide Span Frames with rear beam 8" higher than front beam for a 12Ëš slope
    • 100 battery capacity
    • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray
    • Load capacity 4000 lbs per section
    • Load capacity 1000 lbs per beam pair
  • Wide Span Battery Rack
  • Components for Wide Span Gravity Feed Battery Rack

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    Battery Rack Components
    Battery Rack Components
    Wide Span Gravity Feed Battery Rack
    Part Description Part Number QTY per Section Add-on
    A Wide Span Regular-Duty Frame RDWSF3668 2 1
    B Gravity Feed Wire Deck HMGFWD-360860 4 4
    C Gravity Feed Beam HMGFB-60RD 8 8
    D Battery Rack Retainer Wire BRRW-36 8 8
    E Wide Span Retainer Pin, 20 pack WSREP-20 1 1
    E Wide Span Leveling Shim, 10 pack WSLS-10 1 1

    *Color upcharge for super slip and acid resistant paint finishes range from $2.85 to $11.40 depending on the part. Contact your Madix Sales Representative for more details.

     Battery Rack Retainer Wire

      Part Number: BRRW-36
      • BRRW.....Battery Rack Retainer Wire
      • 36.....Nominal Depth 36" (914 mm)
      No Image Available

       Gravity Feed Beam

        Part Number: HMGFB-60RD
        • HMGFB.....Gravity Feed Beam
        • 60.....Nominal Width 60" (1524 mm)
        • RD.....Regular-Duty
        No Image Available

         Gravity Feed Wire Deck

          Part Number: HMGFWD-360860
          • HMGFWD.....Gravity Feed Wire Deck
          • 36.....Nominal Depth 36" (914 mm)
          • 08.....Beam Height Difference 8" (203 mm)
          • 60.....Nominal Width 60" (1524 mm)
          HMGFWD-360860-Gravity Feed Wire Deck

           Regular-Duty Wide Span Frame

            Part Number: RDWSF3668
            • RDWSF.....Regular-Duty Wide Span Frame
            • 36.....Nominal Depth 36" (914 mm)
            • 68.....Nominal Height 68" (1727 mm)
            RDWSF3668-Regular-Duty Wide Span Frame

             Wide Span Leveling Shim

            • Galvanized 1/16" (2 mm) shim has dimples to prevent dislodging from bottom of Upright Frame
            • Use where floor protection is required or to level frames on uneven floors
            • Galvanized finish only
            • Galvanized finish only
            Part Number: WSLS-10
            • WSLS.....Wide Span Leveling Shim
            • 10.....10 Pack
            WSLS-10-Wide Span Leveling Shim

             Wide Span Retainer Pin

              Part Number: WSREP-20
              • WSREP.....Wide Span Retainer Pin
              • 20..... 20 Pack
              WSREP-20-Wide Span Retainer Pin