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  • You are literally paying for trash.

    Check it out.
  • No, Really.

    How much money are you wasting on installation labor and jobsite trash disposal thanks to your store-fixture supplier’s excessive product packaging?

    Fixture suppliers who stock product often wrap or box parts at a micro level for warehousing and inventory purposes. When those parts are pulled for order fulfillment, they are palletized or crated “as is”—meaning the extra packaging ships with them. The result is not only more trash (most of which winds up in landfills), but also more time, labor, and money wasted unpacking the order, removing the debris, and renting extra dumpsters to accommodate all the garbage.

    On the other hand, manufacturers like Madix who create parts on demand are able to eliminate the extra packaging used for inventoried parts. Made-on-demand orders can instead be wrapped in bulk for faster installation and cleanup… and a lower bill from your general contractor for trash removal.

    Most retailers rarely realize just how much packaging waste is costing them until they switch from a supplier who stocks product to one who practices on-demand manufacturing. For example, a northeastern retailer supplied by both Madix and a competitor (who maintains product inventory) recently discovered that the competitor’s stores required five dumpsters more than the Madix ones, a discrepancy reportedly costing an extra $3,000 per store—solely because of all the trash!

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