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Round Feature Aisle DisplayFull Radius Freestanding Display
  • Full Radius Freestanding Display

    The original Feature Aisle Display brought new innovative ideas to the sales floor by utilizing a modern small form design and rounded end shelves to enhance the shoppers’ experience. The all-new Round Feature Aisle Display fits perfectly in between aisles and high traffic areas for enhanced product visibility. The round metal shelves and compact design make virtually all products visible from all angles.

    • Efficiently display merchandise in main aisles or high traffic areas of stores
    • Perfect for both small and large sales floors
    • Lifts sales by displaying merchandise on completely around the fixture
    • Utilize the shelves alone, or combine with pegboard for displaying pegged merchandise
    • Load capacity 800 lbs in all sizes, based on evenly distributed static loading
  • Gallery

    Exploded view of round feature aisle display