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  • Hypermaxi EU

    Introducing a sleeker, more sophisticated solution for retail display and storage! Inspired by European designs, Madix’s new Hypermaxi EU system gives retailers an attractive merchandising platform without sacrificing functionality. This fixture is perfect for generating additional space overhead for stock storage, so you can get the most out of your square footage. Hypermaxi EU can be applied to specific merchandise categories in sections as small as three feet (914 mm), or it can be used universally throughout the store. Your Madix sales representative is available today for consultation on how Hypermaxi EU can benefit your store layouts and merchandising schemes.

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    Hypermaxi EU
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      A TL Outrigger Freestanding Display Kickplate

      • Required in each section
      • Delete Kickplate [KP-(NL)(NH)] or Open Front Kickplate [OFK-(NL)(NH)], when using TLOFKO
      Part Number: TLOFK(TYPE)-(ND)
      • TLOFK..... TL Outrigger Freestanding Display Kickplate
      • TYPE..... C=Close Kickplate O=Open Kickplate
      • ND.....Nominal Depth 36" or 48" (914 mm or 1219 mm)
      TLOFK(TYPE)-(ND)-TL Outrigger Freestanding Display Kickplate

      B Outrigger for Maxi Line Base Shoe Extender

      • Fits over standard Maxi Line Base Shoe [BS-(ND)]
      • Order Base Shoe 2" (51 mm) less that Base Shelf depth and 5" (127 mm) high
      • Example: 24" deep base = 22" Base Shoe BSSIL-22
      Part Number: ORMLBSEI(TYPE)(ND)
      • ORML.....Outrigger for Maxi Line
      • BSE..... Base Shoe Extender
      • TYPE..... I=Intermediate
      • ND.....Nominal Width 12", 24", 36" or 48" (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm or 1219 mm)
      ORMLBSEI(TYPE)(ND)-Outrigger for Maxi Line Base Shoe Extender

      C TL Outrigger Dress Kit

      • End cover slides over Base Shoe Extender
      • Base End Covers [BEC-(ND)-(NH)] not required
      Part Number: TLODK-(ND)
      • TLODK..... TL Outrigger Dress Kit
      • ND.....Nominal Depth 12", 24", 36" or 48" (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm or 1219 mm)
      TLODK-(ND)-TL Outrigger Dress Kit

      D TL Outrigger Shelf SupportAssembly

      • Supports TL Outrigger Shelf Deck [TLOSD-(NW)12]
      • One required for each left-hand and righthand side of shelf
      Part Number: TLOSS-(ND)
      • TLOSS..... TL Outrigger Shelf Support Assembly
      • ND.....Nominal Depth 12", 24", 36" or 48" (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm or 1219 mm)
      TLOSS-(ND)-TL Outrigger Shelf SupportAssembly

      E TL T-Rack Top and Bottom Tie

      • One required at the top for each section
      Part Number: TLTRTAZ(NW)
      • TLTRTA..... TL T-Rack Top and Bottom Tie
      • Z.....No Back
      • NW.....Nominal Depth 35.5=36" (914 mm) 47.5=48" (1219 mm)
      TLTRTAZ(NW)-TL T-Rack Top and Bottom Tie

      F Outrigger for Maxi Line Post

      • Available with slotting on both sides or no front slotting on the front-facing post
      • Load capacity is 1250 lbs
      Part Number: ORMLP(NH)(OPT)
      • ORMLP.....Outrigger for Maxi Line Post
      • NH.....Nominal Height 78"-108" in 6" increments 1981 mm-2743 mm in 152 mm increments
      • OPT..... Blank=Slotted Both Sides NFS=No Front Slotting
      ORMLP(NH)(OPT)-Outrigger for Maxi Line Post

      G TL Outrigger Shelf Deck

      • Shelves are 12" (305 mm) deep
      • For a 24" deep shelf, order two TL Outrigger Shelf Deck
      • The same shelf is used for center and base shelves
      • Load capacity is 300 lbs per 12" (305 mm) shelf
      Part Number: TLOSD-(NW)12
      • TLOSD..... TL Outrigger Shelf Deck
      • NW.....Nominal Depth 12", 36" or 48" (610 mm, 914 mm, or 1219 mm)
      • 12.....Nominal Depth 12" (305 mm)
      TLOSD-(NW)12-TL Outrigger Shelf Deck