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Tubular Bike Rack

Tubular Bike Rack

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    • Combines three levels of bikes
    • Easy to assemble
    • Eliminates tool applications by utilizing sprint steel snap buttons
    • Heavy gauge 1" x 2 3/4" (25 mm x 70 mm) welded tubing upright is 126" (3200 mm) high with standard slotting
    • 72" (1829 mm) long base shoe assembly is welded heavy gauge tubing with a 48" (1219 mm) leg on the bike display side and a 24" (610 mm) leg on the opposite side (for use with Standard Madix Upper Shelves)
    • Three piece "Z" bar spanner system makes for a rock solid unit to safely support the weight of three levels of bikes
  • Tubular Bike Rack
    Part Description Starter Kit Add-On Kit
    A Tubular Bike Rack Frame, end 2 0
    B Tubular Bike Rack Frame, center 0 1
    C Tubular Bike Rack Shoe Leg 2 1
    D Tubular Bike Rack Spanner, three piece 1 1
  • Components for Tubular Bike Rack

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     Tubular Bike Rack Frame

      Part Number: TBRU126(OPT)
      • TBRU126.....Tubular Bike Rack Frame
      • OPT.....Position Option E=End C=Center
      TBRU126(OPT)-Tubular Bike Rack Frame

       Tubular Bike Rack Shoe Leg

        Part Number: TBRUL2448
        • TBRUL2448...... Tubular Bike Rack Shoe Leg
        TBRUL2448-Tubular Bike Rack Shoe Leg

         Tubular Bike Rack Spanner (Three Piece)

          Part Number: TBRS(NW)
          • TBRS..... Tubular Bike Rack Spanner (Three Piece)
          • NW..... Nominal Width 3' or 4' (914 mm or 1219 mm)
          TBRS(NW)-Tubular Bike Rack Spanner (Three Piece)