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Telescoping Upright Kit

TUK….. Telescoping Upright Kit
NL…..Nominal Length 3′ or 4′ (914 mm or 1219 mm)
NH…..Nominal Height 42″ (1067 mm)

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  • Slotted Upright fits between backs and extends up to 18″ (457 mm) above the fixture when needed
  • Kit consists of a 42″ (1067 mm) Upright, slotted 18″ (457 mm) from the top, with bottom 24″ (610 mm) not slotted; kit also includes one Vertical Height Stiffener, one Center Spanner, and a locking pin
  • Upright should not extend more than 18″ (457 mm) above the fixture
  • Upright accepts only two-tab shelves, 8″ to 18″ (203 mm to 457 mm)
  • To be used with up to 72″ (1829 mm) tall Uprights; for sections higher than 72″ (1829 mm), contact your Madix representative
  • Capacity of each section made is 50 lbs evenly distributed static load for a total of 100 lbs if both  sides are loaded. Please note this is not per shelf, but per side


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