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Meet Madix at NACDS Total Store Expo
  • Come See Us at NACDS 2015 Booth #1553

    Exhibit Hall Open August 23rd-25th | Denver, CO

    We would like to personally invite you to join Madix at the NACDS Total Store Expo in August, where we will be showcasing our latest merchandising solutions for the retail pharmacy industry. Drop by Booth 1553 and check us out--we'd love to see you there.

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Featured Products in the Madix Booth

  • display Luxe Queuing Solutions

    Put method back into the madness of checkout lines! Madix’s Luxe Queuing Solution helps retailers boost sales by reducing wait time in the checkout area, improving customer satisfaction and strengthening brand loyalty. Our Luxe Queuing Solution feeds one line of customers to multiple registers in an orderly and efficient manner, minimizing customer frustration. And with the variety of configurations available, retailers have the flexibility to promote more impulse merchandise and services at a consistent exposure level. Our Luxe Queuing Solution offers almost all standard Madix shelves and accessories.

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    Luxe Queuing Solutions is available in the Luxe catalog »
  • Luxe Queuing Solutions
  • display VESTA®

    Madix's new Vesta® Aisle and Wall Fixture draws attention to merchandise with its custom appearance and sleek design. Vesta is designed to produce optimal results by allowing fixture lighting to fully illuminate the fixture. Utilize Madix's LEDge Lights to highlight key shelves within a run or light up the entire display. Wood and metal shelves are also available to create even more unique combinations. The shelf positions can easily be vertically adjusted in 1" (25mm) increments. Each section in the fixture can be separated using acrylic or metal panels. Create an impactful display with the Vesta® Aisle and Wall Fixture.

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  • VESTA®
  • promote LEDge Light Gen 3

    LEDge Light is the first LED lighting product designed specifically for use on display shelves. Environmentally friendly LEDs produce light intensity similar to T5 fluorescent fixtures, while using only half the energy and lasting nearly three times as long without replacement or maintenance. LEDge Light produces virtually no heat, no UV rays (eliminating package degradation) and features a specially designed lens for optimal light distribution. Optional dimming controller with infrared sensors may reduce energy consumption by over 50% and double the life of the fixture.

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  • LEDge Light Gen 3
  • store Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit

    Madix recognizes and addresses how little space you have to dedicate to prescription fulfillment. The innovative Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit makes filling prescriptions easier and more productive for your pharmacists and staff. The Back-to-Back Rolling RX unit is a space-efficient, two-sided version of Madix's popular Rolling RX Unit. The Back-to-Back utilizes two rolling panels on either side of the fixture to help consolidate bays while improving restocking efficiency.

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    Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit is available in the Pharmacy catalog »
  • Back-to-Back Rolling RX Unit
  • store Pharmacy Security Cabinet

    Uses standard tubular pharmacy 16" (406 mm) or 32" (813 mm) wide shelves

    Uses Standard Tubular Pharmacy shelves 8" (203 mm) deep [TRXSF(NW)(ND)]

    Stand-alone unit designed to be installed against a wall to prevent rear access

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    Pharmacy Security Cabinet is available in the Pharmacy catalog »
  • Pharmacy Security Cabinet
  • store Pharmacy Door Kit

    Uses standard tubular pharmacy 16" (406 mm) or 32" (813 mm) wide shelves

    Uses Standard Tubular Pharmacy shelves 8" (203 mm) deep [TRXSF(NW)(ND)]

    Can mount to existing Madix pharmacy shelving

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    Pharmacy Door Kit is available in the Pharmacy catalog »
  • Pharmacy Door Kit