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Lumi Products Family

Madix's LED Illuminated Backs, Shelves, and Canopies

  • Lumiback Panels

    In-store Marketing Solution

    Lumibacks replace back panels in Madix's fixtures to improve the light adjacent to the merchandise on the fixtures or to provide back lighting for large format, in-store graphics that are embedded in the fixtures. The LED back, which uses little power, creates virtually no heat, lasts for years, and provides consistent light without the hot spots that commonly inflict illuminated signage. Having graphics built into the store fixtures is ideal for in-store marketing programs, promoting merchandising categories, brands, or the retailer itself. Retailers can convert any number of backs either in end caps or inline on perimeter wall and aisle runs.

    • Includes acrylic surface with integrated LED-lighting system and 5' cord
    • Effectively illuminates graphics or signage
    • Lumibacks and extension backs are sized to work with standard gondola back sizes-configurations combining pegboard (or other 1/4" (6 mm) material, backs, and Lumiback extention backs) are possible
    • Power consumption is approximately 8 watts per vertical foot
    • Order transformers, backs, and adapter sets separately
    • Reflector (-R) required for most applications, except where Single Side and Triple Back Systems specified with centered Lumiback
    • Requires use of Slatwall Center Spanner [SSC-(NW)]
    • Includes a 60" (1524 mm) cord to the power supply
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  • Lumi Split End Cap

    The Split End Cap utilizes three uprights instead of just two. By utilizing three upright and differing back materials, you are able to put shelves and accessories adjacent to a Lumiback that is devoted entirely to large format graphics, which complements shopper marketing.

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    • Lumicanopy

      Illuminate Your Message

      With the Lumicanopy’s LED lighting, your illuminated signage will never be affected by hot spots from light bulbs. It’s a maintenance-free solution that lasts for years and contains no harmful substances. LED lighting creates a backlight for eye-catching graphics to promote everything from individual products to the retailer itself. Extremely easy-to-change graphics means store associates can replace signage quickly and simply. Graphics slide in from single unit end caps.

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      • Lumishelf™

        Improve Product Visibility

        A unique process converts acrylic sheet material to a lighted surface, utilizing light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. Lumishelf™ surfaces replace conventional glass or acrylic surfaces and separate fluorescent lights with a fully integrated eco-friendly solution. Lumishelf™ is a hardened acrylic surface with an integral LED lighting system and 5' (1524 mm) cord. Lumishelf™ can be used to replace existing surfaces on Glass Shelf Frames (GSF) or Lighted Upper Shelf Assembly (LUSA).

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