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@Front for Wide Span
  • @Front Wide Span

    Create a perfectly stocked Pallet Rack shelf instantly with @Front! @Front incorporates multiple small, rolling tracks that work with gravity to automatically feed merchandise to front of shelf, cutting time and labor necessary for store merchandising and facing. Metal dividers can be easily adjusted in mere seconds, accommodating bottled, canned, and boxed goods of varying size and shape. Rolling-track system is fully integrated with the shelf itself, little to no maintenance required. Simply remove the entire shelf for a thorough wash, or wipe the rollers with a damp cloth to remove light dust and debris. Unique, patented design uses all plastic construction, allowing roller replacement from top surface (spare rollers integrated into bottom of every shelf). 5° downtilt improves sight lines for better visual impact than other gravity feed systems. Replaces cumbersome, spring pusher systems.

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      Part List

      @Front Wide Span
      Part Description Part Number QTY
      A Pallet Rack Frames, Regular-Duty PR2RDF50(NH) 2
      B Wide Span Gravity Feed Beam WSGFB-(NW)-(OPT) 2
      C Gravity Feed Wire Deck HMGFWD-(ND)(NW) 2
      D Pallet Rack Beam PR2B(NH)(NW)-2-B 1
      E @Front Roller Mat, Black AFRSPR4747-BLK 2
      F @Front Roller Shelf Plastic Front, 48"W x 4"H AFRSPF448H 2
      G @Front Roller Shelf Plastic Front, 48" W x 2"H AFRSPF248 2
      H Roller Shelf Offset Front Stop RSFSFPRWS48 2
      I @Front Wire Dividers AFRSWD547 10
      J Wide Span Dart Clip WSDC25-1 6
      K Seismic Floor Anchor Expansion Bolt SFA-EB-1 4
    • Components for @Front Wide Span

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      E @Front Roller Mat

      • Mats are 4' wide (1219 mm), and come in two pieces that are 28 1/2" and 18 1/2" (724 mm and 470 mm)
      Part Number: AFRSPR4747-BLK
      • AFRSPR......@Front Roller Mat
      • 47......Nominal Width 48" (1219 mm)
      • 47......Nominal Depth 48" (1219 mm)
      • BLK......BLK=Black
      AFRSPR4747-BLK-@Front Roller Mat

      F @Front Shelf Plastic Front, Heavy-Duty

      • 3" or 4" (76 mm or 102 mm) heavy-duty, plastic fronts
      • Two per 8' (2438 mm) section
      • Pack of 25
      Part Number: AFRSPF(NH)48H
      • AFR .....@Front
      • SPF .....Shelf Plastic Front
      • NH .....Nominal Height 3" or 4" (76 mm or 102 mm)
      • 48 .....Nominal Width 48" (1219 mm)
      • H .....Heavy-Duty
      AFRSPF(NH)48H-@Front Shelf Plastic Front, Heavy-Duty

      G @Front Shelf Plastic Front

      • 2" (51 mm) plastic fronts
      • Pack of 25
      Part Number: AFRSPF(NH)48
      • AFR .....@Front
      • SPF .....Shelf Plastic Front
      • NH .....Nominal Height 2" (51 mm)
      • 48 .....Nominal Width 48" (1219 mm)
      AFRSPF(NH)48-@Front Shelf Plastic Front

      H @Front Roller Shelf Offset Front Stop for Pallet Rack

      • Between inside wall of beam and @Front Roller Shelf
      • Two per 8' (2438 mm) section
      • Heavy-duty version available
      Part Number: RSFSFPRWS(NW)(OPT)
      • RSFS .....Roller Shelf Front Stop
      • FPRWS .....for Pallet Rack and Wide Span
      • NW .....Nominal Width 48" (1219 mm)
      • OPT .....HD=Heavy-duty version
      RSFSFPRWS(NW)(OPT)-@Front Roller Shelf Offset Front Stop for Pallet Rack

      I @Front Roller Shelf Metal Divider

        Part Number: AFRSWD547
        • AFR .....@Front Roller Shelf
        • WD .....Metal Divider
        • 5 .....Nominal Height 5" (127 mm)
        • 47 .....Nominal Width 48" (1194 mm)
        AFRSWD547-@Front Roller Shelf Metal Divider

        J Wide Span Dart Clip

        • Spring steel clip secures beam to frame, preventing accidental disengagement
        • Two required per beam
        Part Number: WSDC25-1
        • WSDC .....Wide Span Dart Clip
        • 25 .....Thickness .250" (6 mm)
        • 1 .....1=1 Pack
        WSDC25-1-Wide Span Dart Clip

        K Seismic Floor Anchor Expansion Bolts

        • ICBO approved
        • 3/8"-16 x 3 1/2"
        • Order two bolts per Seismic Floor Anchor (Regular or Heavy-Duty)
        Part Number: SFA-EB-1
        • SFA .....Seismic Floor Anchor
        • EB .....Expansion Bolt
        • 1 .....1 Pack
        SFA-EB-1-Seismic Floor Anchor Expansion Bolts